I’m getting ready to launch a new application soon, and on my launch list I usually include APM and Logging as important items. New Relic not long ago came out with their new logging service. They are offering 100gb of free log ingestion so I figured I would give it a trial run.

Laravel logging by default uses the very powerful Monolog library, but finding good instructions on how to setup a new custom logging channel was a bit of a challenge. Hopefully this guide will provide some useful instructions on how to setup New Relic logging in your applications.



Every morning when I sit down at the computer I usually open the same browser windows: GMail, New Relic, Twitter, SoundCloud, and AWS. This usually doesn’t take too long. But I do spend a fair number of keyboard clicks to do it. One of the great things about working with OSX (macOS now) is being able to write automation scripts in JXA to simplify regularly performed tasks.

Getting Documentation

To get started lets open up the AppleScript Editor. In the top left hand corner below the red circle (record a script) button change the dropdown to JavaScript. Now we will need to…

Mac Automator Robot

I’m a big fan automation. Whenever I can find a shortcut or write a script that will speed up my daily tasks I will happily sit down and write a tool.

Every day when I come in to work I type in Alfred: ssh . This kicks off a script that will create a new iTerm window; SSH into 7 different servers and log in to their tmux sessions. It will even create new tabs for me as well!

To accomplish this I wrote out a really ugly piece of code in AppleScript. …

Recently I was tasked with developing a solution for detecting the volume level of a audio stream coming from Icecast. Our SAM Broadcaster streams would sometimes keep their mount on the Icecast server but would not play any audio. This is still being investigated at the time of writing this post. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So as a check I decided to write a small NodeJS script to periodically check the stream and send an alarm if the audio was below a certain level.

Using FFmpeg

How do you programmatically check the volume of a stream? FFmpeg of course! “The swiss army knife of audio/video”™.

Steve Barbera

Full Stack Developer, Electronic music enthusiast, occasional tweeter.

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